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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Funny Pet Peeves

My friend and I were having a great conversation about pet peeves when we decided to expand the conversation to other friends and loved ones clearly out of sheer madness :). What did we determine? We are all a special kind of crazy. [Smile]

Here is a list of pet peeves I've gathered that some consider to be the ultimate pet peeves (gross, nerve wrenching, etc.), but in some cases, I consider them to be down right funny. Enjoy... 

  1. Brushing Teeth Outside of the Bathroom. My friend says most hygiene should be kept in the bathroom. "I don't need to see it or smell it."
  2. Public Spitting.  Watching spit leave your mouth and dangle in mid-air like Michael Jordan is disgusting.
  3. PDFR (Public Displays of Feet Rubbing). Taking your shoes off and rubbing your feet in public can apparently be bothersome. Some say once you rub your feet and touch other objects, "feet juice" will be all over the place. (Just typing this made me chuckle)
  4. Close Encounters. Talking so close to someone's face that you can smell what they have eaten.
  5. Touched by Strangers. There's a story to this one. My friend damn near had a conniption when a stranger bumped her and felt so bad about it that they apologized profusely but kept rubbing her back to soothe the pain. My friend didn't want the rubbing. And the pain was gone long before the rubbing...and long after. But the rubbing continued. [LOL]
  6. Sandwich Pressing. Making a sandwich and pressing down on it with your hands. The imprint of the fingers on the sandwich drives my husband crazy.
  7. Residual Spit on Books or Magazines.  Ever wet your fingers to help turn a page? Leaving something behind other than the occasional ear-mark or highlight is nasty. Ewe. 
  8. Surprise Stepping.  There's nothing like fresh-cotton socks. But stepping in a wet spot with socks on is unnerving for some. 
  9. Crowded Food. Different foods touching on a plate. (I don't get this one at all.)
  10. Share and Share Alike. Ever been in the club and a random stranger asks to use your lip products? Umm yeah...that's not cool and it's gross.
  11. Blessing Food. Not what you think. It's sneezing over food while preparing it. And folks, I'm not talking about covering your mouth either. Ewe.
  12. DWP (Driving While Picking). Because you're in a car does not mean you're invisible. There are windows. STOP DRIVING AND DIGGING! :)
  13. Impolite Flatulence ( a.k.a. - crop dusting).  Here is another gym story for you. My friend and I were on the StairMaster and got a sudden and horrible smell. We were already breathing heard so the more we get the point.
  14. Stop. Drop. Flush. Not abiding by the courteous "drop and flush" bathroom rule is rude to some.
  15. Food-mobbing. Someone who admires your food and inappropriately smells and/or points at it
  16. Grab Bag. When someone offers food (i.e. chips) and the person WHIRLS their hand around in the bag before getting what they want out of if each potato chip is different and the choices are immense.
  17. Toothpaste Squeezing.  This is just crazy. The logic behind this (so I've been told) is that if you squeeze in the middle of the tube, you'll have to expend more energy to get the rest of the paste out of the tube as the paste runs out. But if you start to squeeze from the bottom, you'll get more out of the tube. Go figure.
  18. Tissue Placement. Over not under. (This is another one I don't get. Who cares? Isn't it all going to be used?)
  19. Show Interruptions. Ever been in the middle of your favorite show and someone walks in and says, "What happened?" Now to fill them in on what they missed, you'll miss at least eight minutes of the show because you know they'll have questions. [smile]
  20. Live Movie Commentary. Watching a movie with unwanted commentary from the audience like, "Fool, don't go in there!"
  21. Hairy Soap. Soap with random pieces of hair on it (long, short, etc.) Ewe.
  22. I don't know what to call this. Waking someone up and then saying, "Oh I'm sorry. Go on back to sleep."  Was there another option?


  1. This was hilarious!! When I read "feet juice" I heard Nelly singing, "I got that feet juice! Whooo hoo. I guess I betta let it loose!"

    Girl...#19! That's my sis-in-law ALLLL DAY! We tell her, tease her and ignore her - but she can't/won't stop. Your next blog should be an appropriate response to these actions, ie. pick up remote, press pause and politely smack the h#ll outta the person interrupting your movie:-)


  2. omg i hate that everytime (and i mean every single time, no matter where we are going) my husband picks his nose and after a while he yells "napkin" and i have to look for one cause if i dont he will and we will crash and die...

  3. mu bf actually wipped his boogers on me and because of my reaction he thought it was funny and now does it all the time!!!

    1. thats gross! i feel bad for you, and no offense but your boyfriends seems pretty imature. :/

  4. These are my weird pet peeves

    5. Reality T.V.
    6. Professional athletes
    7. Illegal immigrants
    8. Models
    9. Health care
    10. Celebrities and their idiotic political opinions
    11. Xerox lines on paper
    12. High pitch noises
    13. People who repeat them self’s
    14. Cuffed Jeans
    15. Two people talking to me at once
    16. People who read out loud when their reading or typing an email
    17. Drivers who don’t use their turn signal
    18. Chasing after a ping pong ball
    19. People who wear too much perfume or cologne
    20. People who wear sunglasses indoors
    21. Movies and books without a plot
    22. Boasting and Bragging
    23. People who won’t use Google.
    24. when people get pissed off for no reason.
    25. When someone takes a drink and says "aaaahhhhhhhhh" after it.
    26. I don't like the feeling of a fresh newspaper on my fingers.
    27. I feel bad for things left alone. Example: If there is one piece of corn left on my plate I must eat it, or find it a friend (maybe a pea or a lima bean). I don't like to throw anything away that's alone either. If a pencil is broken I will throw it away with another broken pencil. So it doesn't feel bad I guess.
    28. People who sigh in an elevator. It's disgusting and couldn't they wait til they got out of the confined space to spread their hot breath?
    29. Being called "honey" or "sweetie" by strangers.
    30. Wide noses
    31. Slow walkers
    32. Racism
    33. people who don't say thank you if you hold the door open for them
    34. People Struggling in Water in Movies
    35. Advertisements at the bottom of the T.V. screen
    36. Interviews with people who are out of breath
    37. People in Line With Huge Backpacks
    38. Christmas Jingles in Commercials Where They Change the Words To Sell Their Product
    39. How bright the sun is
    40. Religious preachers knocking on my door
    41. People who have never met me but throw me a dose of stink eye just for existing.
    42. When jeans stretch so much that they almost fall off - they fit perfectly in the morning - fresh from the dryer - but by lunch they are 4 sizes too big. Not kosher.
    43. People who buy the jumbo popcorn at the cinema, then eat and talk with their mouth full through the movie right behind me.
    44. Not allowing me to own MACE - and the fact that none of my friends will give me any because they say "You will probably use it." - darn right I will - there are so many people who could be improved with a bit of mace!
    45. I hate when the teacher picks the slowest reader to read for the class. I just sit there, slowly dying. The kid’s barely on the second sentence, and I would already finish the whole Harry Potter series by then.
    46. When you're really tired and you tell someone you were texting that you'll talk to them tomorrow, then 20 minutes later, and you're half asleep they text you back "K"
    47. When girls change there voice to try and be cute in front of guys
    48. When I lose ALL my bobby pins
    49. When you finish painting you're nails and you touch something
    50. When the teacher tells you to stop talking and it wasn't you

    1. where is your 1-4? and #7 is just mean -_- but the rest are funny

    2. #7 isn't mean, it's a feeling. I think a lot of people can be annoyed by 'illegal' immigrants - not to be confused with 'legal' immigrants :)

    3. one of your pet peeves is racism? wow i didnt know there were still racist people in this country, besides old people that are like +75, all in all the only thing you should be saying about differant races is there origin is from a differant country and not that they are any better or any worse than us. :)
      -Danny Olsen

  5. -When people use the term "Not Kosher" without understanding the meaning.

  6. Thank you everyone for your posts. I will be writing a new blog soon. I'm ALWAYS interested in your comments! Thanks for reading!

    @ Annie - Omg. 'Wide noses?" I can’t relate to some of the ones you listed, but I must admit, #44 is hilarious. You definitely have an opinion and I think some of your pet peeves will make it to my list for this year! Thanks for reading.

  7. I dont have any pet peeves :D But I need one for a class. I am doing a thing in class but I dont know what to use?

  8. My biggest pet peeve is gum/food smacking... because why does anyone need to hear that? Am I supposed to be intimidated by your inablity to close your mouth silently? It's just rude and gross.

  9. lol i have to do a speech and i am using these reasons for a pet peeve speech

    1. ya you should these are awesome

    2. my pet peeve is people with a lot of pet peeves. how can someone ever be happy if they let every little thing bother them. people like that miss out. a pet peeve is just another form of prejudgice.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Re: the last comment

    '...a pet peeve is just another form of prejudice.'

    Hmmm...How so? I'm interested...

    I must admit, someone who commented on 'wide noses' threw me but I know everyone is entitled to an opinion - no matter how I feel. People can’t help how they look, so for a pet peeve to be a physical trait that can’t be changed without drastic measure...I guess that pet peeve could fall within your theory.

    Thanks everyone for your comments and for reading!

  12. omg... these are hilarious and pretty true...

  13. If you don't like watching people drive and pick their nose, then DON'T. Why are you all up in their business when you should be paying attention to the road in front of you. I pick mine in my car because I expect people to just mind their business and focus on driving.